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Buccaneers rookie jersey numbers: 87 for Seferian-Jenkins, 34 for Sims

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have handed out the jersey numbers for their rookie draft picks, although undrafted free agents are still numberless for now.


If you want to order custom rookie jerseys, you can start doing so now -- with a little caution. The Buccaneers have already announced that Mike Evans will wear number 13 in the NFL and they've started selling those jerseys, so that one's safe to order. 

The other rookie numbers less so. While it's not particularly likely we'll see them change, it has happened in the past., particularly when other players get signed late in the offseason. So it may be best not to immediately run off to the NFL shop and order these numbers. Still, here they are, per Greg Auman

Mike Evans will wear number 13, second-round pick Austin Seferian-Jenkins will get number 87. Running back Charles Sims winds up with number 34, while receiver Robert Herron chooses number 14. Finally, Kevin Pamphile takes number 70 -- Donald Penn's former number -- and Kadeem Edwards gets number 71.