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Undrafted free agent signings 2014: Tracking Buccaneers signings and mini-camp invites

We're tracking the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' 2014 undrafted free agent signings and rookie mini-camp invites here.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have used all of their picks in the 2014 NFL draft, which means they're recruiting undrafted free agents now. While we're tracking these, keep a few things in mind: 

  • These reports are not definitive. The Bucs will send out a definitive list, presumably tomorrow, and we'll have that whenever they publish it. But these free agents can (and do) change their minds and some of these reports will prove erroneous.
  • We usually  have no way of discerning between actual signings, and rookie mini-camp invites. When we know for certain that a player is either signed or invited we'll say so. Mini-camp invites are a lot more tentative and more likely to change than signings. 
  • Rookie mini-camp will be held from Friday, May 16 to Sunday, May 18. We'll see heavy mutations in which of these undrafted free agents they want to keep for the rest of the offseason during and after that mini-camp. It's also where the mini-camp invites get a chance to make the roster.
  • The Bucs had an exclusively offense-focused draft class, which means we're likely to see a lot of defensive players invited to mini-camp and signed as undrafted free agents, if only to balance out the roster so they can actually run a mini-camp and practice the way they want to. 

Signings and mini-camp invites:

Solomon Patton, WR, Florida (via Twitter -- confirmed to be a signing by Roy Cummings)

Brett Smith, QB, Wyoming (via Cecil Lammey)

Ryne Giddins, DE, USF (via Greg Auman)

Andrew Miller, G, Virginia Tech (per Virginia Tech's football twitter)

Toney Hurd, DB, Texas A&M (via his own Twitter page)

Keith Lewis, CB, Virginia-Lynchburg (via Draft Diamonds)

Mycal Swaim, S, Eastern Michigan (via Twitter -- confirmed)

Josh Allen, C, Lousiana-Monroe (via his teammate's Instagram -- confirmed by team's Twitter)

Dylan Lynch, K/P, Jacksonville University (via his agent)

Aaron Burks, WR, Boise State (via Twitter)

Chaz Sutton, DE,  South Carolina (via Twitter)

Nate Askew, LB, Texas A&M (via his Twitter account)

Steven Jenkins, LB, Texas A&M (via Twitter)

Jeremy Smith, RB, Oklahoma State (via his Twitter)

Matt Patchan, OL, Boston College (via Greg Auman and Luke Easterling)

Kenarious Gates, OT, Georgia (via Twitter - mini-camp invitation)

Chris Burnette, G, Georgia (via Twitter)

Euclid Cummings, DT, Georgia Tech (via

JaQuez Jenkins, S, USF (tryout, via Greg Auman)

Brendan Bigelow, RB, California (via Twitter)

Bucs also invited tight end Gavin Ellis of Jacksonville State University, but he is hurt and can't come. He'll try out in a couple of months when he's healthy, per

You can treat this as your final open thread for the evening, too.