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NFL Draft Grades: Grading OL Prospect Kevin Pamphile to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Buccaneers were in a hurry to upgrade their offensive line, and moved up the board to select versatile and raw Purdue prospect Kevin Pamphile.

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Just moments after selecting their first offensive lineman of the draft, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers added another, scooping up Purdue's Kevin Pamphile with a fifth-round pick acquired by trade from the Buffalo Bills.

Here's how the pick grades out:

Talent: C

It's tough to give a fair grade to Pamphile's talent, because he's a project player with work left to do before he becomes a finished product. He's a former basketball player who was recruited as a defensive end and moved to tackle later in his college career.

So like former-basketballer-turned-offensive-lineman Demar Dotson, Pamphile has athleticism unlike many other players at his position. He finished the 40-yard dash in under five seconds, and showed some burst in the short-area drills as well. praises his balance, as well, something important for an offensive lineman, but questions his punch and strength at the point of attack. He's not a finished product, and will require some work before he's ready to play on a regular basis in the NFL.

Value: D

The Buccaneers traded up to select Pamphile, and offered up a pretty hefty package of picks to do so.

The future fifth-rounder they gave up could be the one they received from the Ravens in the Jeremy Zuttah trade, but even if it's not, this is a pretty steep price to pay for a project of a prospect.

CBS grades Pamphile as a sixth rounder, while says he's a seventh rounder. So much like Mike James last year, the Buccaneers have traded up late in a draft to pick a player that media experts say would have been there later.

Fit: B

The Buccaneers needed depth along the offensive line, and they've got it after adding Kadeem Edwards and Pamphile. Pamphile and Jamon Meredith can back up the tackle positions, while Edwards and Meredith can play at the guard spots.

Again, since we don't really know what Jeff Tedford's offense will ask of linemen, it's tough to know if Pamphile is a perfect fit, but he is a mold-able prospect who can be taught any kind of scheme considering his limited background at the position.

Overall: C

This pick doesn't stand out as extraordinary, but it's also not a bad pick, especially when needs are taken into account. The Buccaneers got deeper and younger on the offensive line this offseason, and that's a good thing. The question is now about the ability of the players they added to the trenches on offense.