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NFL Draft 2014: DLT's Day Three Wishlist

It's been a fascinating two there anything left for the Bucs?


Wow, it's been a wild last couple days hasn't it Bucs fans?

We asked the Bucs to upgrade their pitiful offense. Mission Accomplished. Okay sure, we all have thoughts on who the Bucs should have selected, I think I've made mine pretty clear - but you can't argue that Tampa Bay isn't better at the skill positions.

Mike Evans is significantly better than anyone the Bucs had at number two WR. ASJ is clearly the best, most complete tight end on this roster. Charles Sims is a dramatic upgrade over Bobby Rainey and Mike James.

Each player's talents will contribute to the Bucs rising from the ashes of their last place finish in offensive rankings.

You have to give Lovie this, he's resisted his urge to go defense in order to provide offensive coordinator Jeff Tedford some weapons to work with.

I've also accepted that the Bucs aren't going to draft a QB who will challenge Mike Glennon this year. I was all on board the Johnny Manziel and Derek Carr express trains to greatness - but you know what? Tedford I'm sure had his thoughts on both in comparison to what the Bucs currently have now. If he thinks he can win with Glennon and doesn't need a replacement who am I to tell him different? We'll learn soon enough.

1. Hope for a drop in guards

This is a deep, deep draft because of all the underclassmen that have fallen. It's conceivable that you may still be able to find a starting caliber guard in the late fourth, early fifth round. However, let's be real. If the Bucs viewed it as a huge concern, they would have addressed it earlier. Maybe they have seen something in Oneil Cousins, a washout in Cleveland or perhaps Nicks is close to being healthy or maybe there's another free agent out there they think can help. Either way, Tampa Bay should still consider drafting depth at the o-line.

Pewter Report remains one of the best in the bay area at providing draft analysis (I see you Justin Pawlowski - you're right up there, too) and tells us that Cyril Richardson and David Yankey are surprising falls. If they continue to drop, don't be surprised if the Bucs move up to grab one.

2. There's still speed in space to be had.

The Dunk-a-neers will without a doubt be a monster to deal with. Add to that the speed the Bucs already have on the roster with Demps, Owusu, Murphy and Hawkins, perhaps Tampa Bay doesn't see it as a need. However, if they're not satisfied with what they currently have, the Bucs could turn to WR Jeff Janis of Saginaw Valley State or Clemson's Martavis Bryant if they're still around.

3. Find that gem by staying true to your draft board.

In this draft more than any other, starting caliber players are going to fall into the later rounds. I'll admit, I lost my mind when I heard the Bucs drafted Charles Sims. I couldn't understand it - considering how stacked the Bucs were at RB and how there was talent to fill a need at guard. But drafting for need once you get past the second round is a recipe for failure. You stay true to your board and if there's a player in a non-need position that is simply significantly better than the guy at your need position, you take the better player - period. Jason Licht has already demonstrated the ability to do this.

It will serve the Bucs well.

4. Is Glennon the QB of the future?

It seems so, but there's still some good QB's out there to consider. Tampa's own Aaron Murray would be a terrific selection if the Bucs can get up high enough to pick him or he continues to fall.

In any event, today's wrap up of the draft is where the Bucs build some depth.