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NFL Draft Results 2014: Buccaneers draft picks through three rounds

With three rounds in the books, the 2014 NFL draft has just one more day remaining. How did the Tampa Bay Buccaneers do with their top three picks, who did they select, and what should we be looking for in the rest of the draft?

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were not content to keep the league-worst offense together this year, and the 2014 NFL draft has reflected that reality so far. All three of the Bucs' top picks were used on offense, and all three of them brought size and impressive receiving ability to the team. However, the Bucs failed to address arguably their biggest hole on the roster at offensive guard. 

#7 overall: Mike Evans, WR, Texas A&M

Scouting Report

After much speculation and throwing up of smokescreen, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers simply did what everyone thought they would do at the seventh overall pick: they selected the top wide receiver on the board, passing on Johnny Manziel and Aaron Donald despite multiple reports stating they love those players. The Bucs instead filled their biggest need with the best player available at their pick, taking the massively productive Texas A&M product with their top-10 selection. 

The 6'5", 230 lbs. receiver joins Vincent Jackson to give the Tampa Bay Dunkaneers the biggest receiving corps in the NFL by quite some distance, and their size and ability to make contested catches should help Josh McCown and Mike Glennon succeed this year.

Key quote:

"It's in the great state of Florida. I'd love to play there [with] the great weather. I don't know if Tampa has a beach or not - I'm not too up-to-date on the [geography] of it. If it has a beach, then it's going to be easy for me, because I grew up in Galveston [Texas], and they have a beach down there."

#38 overall: Austin-Seferian Jenkins, TE, Washington

Scouting report

In the second round, the Bucs continued to address their offense by selecting yet another massive, 6'5" target in tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins. As with Evans, his catching radius and ability to make contested catches should help the team's quarterback excel. 

Seferian-Jenkins isn't just a pass-catcher, though, but he's also a quality blocker who has the ability to develop into a dominant player in the running game. He was by quite some distance the best player on the Bucs' board, which is why they picked him rather than a player who would have filled a bigger need. 

Key quote: 

"I'm going to bring explosiveness, I'm going to bring play-making ability, I'm going to bring blocking; I'm going to bring an all-around tight end that can play on three downs and a guy that's going to work hard and chase Super Bowls and try and win as many games as possible for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers organization."

#69 overall: Charles Sims, RB, WVU

Scouting report

The third round saw a shocking decision: a running back. The third straight pick used on an offensive skill position player. The Bucs have a very deep stable of running backs but once again, they decided to pick the best player available rather than passing up a talented guy to fill a need.

Sims should primarily be a receiving back for the Bucs, while adding some depth and insurance behind Doug Martin as well. He has the ability to line up at slot receiver and win against man coverage, and the Bucs could use him as a movable, matchup player across their formation.

Key quote:

"I like being able to do more than one thing. I like being able to catch the ball out of the backfield, line up as a receiver - I actually played receiver back in high school, so I always was comfortable playing receiver, so that's where me being comfortable catching the ball came from. I'm just excited, that's about it. I don't know how to feel right now."

What's next?

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have three picks left, and none in the fourth round thanks to the Darrelle Revis trade (and subsequent Darrelle Revis cut). They have one pressing need they must address this offseason: offensive line, specifically offensive guard. 

SATURDAY, MAY 10 at Noon ET: Rounds 4-7
Bucs have three picks, no. 143, no. 185 and no. 221 overall. 

Bucs' remaining picks:

Round Pick Overall
4 Traded to Jets
5 3 143
6 Traded to Bears
6 9 (from Bills) 185
7 6 221