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Buccaneers find moving down in 2014 NFL draft "attractive"

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers may want to move down in the 2014 NFL draft, given their lack of a fourth-round pick.

Al Messerschmidt

Jason Licht joined The Sports Page on 620 WDAE AM to talk about the draft, and made some interesting comments about a possible trade.

We're keeping all options open, even moving up. Like I told you the other day, moving down, right now, looks like it's something that would be attractive. But like we said before, there's always gonna be surprises and there might be that situation where there's somebody you didn't think that was a couple picks ahead of you, that maybe you want to put all the chips in and move up. I would doubt that, but we need as many chips as we can in this draft.

This echoes yesterday's comments, when Licht noted that the Bucs had already talked to teams regarding possible trades. "We've already reached out to teams and if our player isn't there we would be open to conversations in moving back and picking up picks."

We don't know who those teams would be, which players they would target nor which player the Bucs could covet enough to either stay put, or even move up to grab him. Johnny Manziel has been mentioned several times (now by Adam Caplan), but he's hardly the only top player, with Sammy Watkins, Jadeveon Clowney, Khalil Mack and Greg Robinson being in a consensus top tier all of their own.

One team that could try to move up to the Bucs' pick is the San Francisco 49ersChris Mortensen noted on ESPN that the 49ers could move up, and that they could try to grab Mike Evans. San Francisco has 11 draft picks including two second-rounders and three third-rounders (one compensatory which can't be traded), which means they certainly have the ammunition for a big move up. But dropping down all the way to number 30 in the first round may be a bit much for the Bucs.

A few other notes from Licht's interview:

The Bucs should have their draft boards set by this weekend.

The quarterbacks haven't really moved on their board since February, which means all those visits and interviews apparently didn't give them any new information.

Licht said they're comfortable with their quarterbacks as they stand now and don't necessarily need to add another one to the group.

The Bucs want to win now, but that doesn't mean an immediate impact player is a prerequisite -- though it's preferred, of course.