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Mike Williams sued for negligence leading to a fire

Yet another off-field headline for Mike Williams, although once again this stems from a 2013 incident.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Williams is being sued by United Property & Casualty Insurance Co. over a kitchen fire in a rented home last summer, the Tampa Bay Times reports. The suit seeks $54,453 in damages, plus interest and other costs. Williams "negligently caused a fire while using the stove-top range", according to the lawsuit.

This is yet another minor incident in a string of incidents that have come to light this offseason. Mike Williams had earlier run a party house, entered a pre-trial intervention program after two misdemeanor charges, and was allegedly stabbed with a paring knife by his brother after an argument over a Bentley. None of those incidents is particularly troubling, and they don't even form a coherent pattern of behavior -- it's just a little amazing that these things continue to come up.

General manager Jason Licht has noted that Mike Williams should stop making headlines off the field. And while this is yet another headline, it stems from an incident that occurred last year, which is the case for almost all of the other off-field incidents Williams was involved in. The receiver's roster spot may even be in danger, as the Bucs stand to gain $600,000 in cap space if they release Williams this offseason. However, he's likely to get the chance to prove that he's dedicated to football and can stay out of the spotlight off the field.