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Josh McCown organized Bucs' offseason practices

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers may or may not start Josh McCown this season, but he's certainly leading them right now.


JoeBucsFan managed to unearth a pretty interesting detail this week: the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have held practices on offense, without the coaches, led and organized by Josh McCown. The coaches weren't involved as, per CBA rules, they can't coach the players during the offseason outside of specific windows -- but the players are allowed to do whatever they want, on their own.

Player-organized practices aren't that uncommon, but it certainly sounds like this was a new thing for the Bucs. JoeBucsFan noted that every single offensive player on the roster was present at those practices, which is unheard of. Moreover, the practices focused on "education of the offense" and were "very technical", or so Brandon Myers said, while Louis Murphy noted that they were more serious than the lockout sessions he experienced in 2011. Interestingly, McCown said that these practices would continue going forward.

Now, this doesn't make Josh McCown a great quarterback. After all, Mark Sanchez organized an annual training camp for his teammates, while Josh Freeman led the way during the 2011 lockout. But it's a good sign for a player whom Lovie Smith has repeatedly praised for his leadership qualities.

More importantly, it's a great sign for the offense as a whole. Implementing a new system can be rocky, and with the massive amount of turnover the Bucs have seen on offense (and are likely to continue to see in the draft) they need all the time they can get to get every player on the same page.