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NFL Mock Draft 2014: Todd McShay says the Bucs should draft Mike Evans

Todd McShay is a boring man. 2014 NFL Mock drafts have reached a boring consensus on the Bucs. Foregone conclusions are no fun.

Todd McShay has a mock draft out. What, another one? Yes, another one. This time, he tried to project which players each team should take, rather than which players they will take. And surprise, surprise: he thinks the Bucs should take Mike Evans at number 7.

This one is an easy match: Evans is the seventh-ranked player on my board, and the Bucs are selecting seventh overall and have a need at wide receiver opposite Vincent Jackson. Evans takes a while to build up speed, but he can separate from defensive backs by drawing on his basketball background and boxing out and out-leaping defenders with his 6-foot-5, 231-pound frame. He brings down a high percentage of 50-50 balls. New Tampa Bay QB Josh McCown succeeded with two big targets in Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery in Chicago, and Jackson and Evans would provide similar weaponry for him.

Oh hey it's Mike Evans this pick makes perfect sense because the Bucs really need a receiver and Evans is a big target who would work well with Vincent Jackson they'd be copying the Chicago Bears with Josh McCown last season and OH GOD I'M SO BORED WITH ALL THESE MOCK DRAFTS.

Amusing fact: McShay thinks the Bucs should pass on every single quarterback in the first round. Yes, even that quarterback you really, really like. Yes, even Blake Bortles. Or Teddy Bridgewater. Or even the hallowed Johnny Manziel. All of them should fall past the Bucs, apparently.