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2014 NFL Draft: Manziel on short list of players Bucs considering at #7

The most talked-about prospect in this year's draft is now being seriously considered by the Bucs, as per ESPN

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

After making comments throughout the offseason that mobility is an important attribute in his quarterbacks, Lovie Smith is now reportedly seriously considering using the seventh overall pick to draft Johnny Manziel if he's on the board when the Bucs go on the clock on May 8th:

Of course, there's a good chance that Manziel will be gone by then - he visited with the Browns today - and there is obviously a glaring need at receiver, so it wouldn't be surprising if at least one of the names on the shortlist is a wideout. Still, Manziel would certainly be an intriguing prospect, as Sander pointed out recently, and his ability to make plays with his feet not only clearly satisfies that mobility factor that Lovie has mentioned since taking over, but would also make more sense as a young QB to learn from Josh McCown than Mike Glennon, who has a significantly different skillset than McCown. (McCown's use of his legs is one of his least-talked about aspects, though it is certainly a part of his game - as will be explained when *TEASE* 'a Josh McCown vs Game Film' series begins tomorrow)

In any case, the fact that the team let this information be known (and make no mistake, there's no way this nugget of information didn't originally emanate from One Buc Place) means that the Bucs do appear to want a long-term answer at QB, and that long-term answer isn't currently on the roster. Mike Glennon's career as a Buccaneer might be over just one year after it began - though, of course, it'd be remiss of me not to mention that this is the season for smoke screens.