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Mark Dominik doesn't love Teddy Bridgewater, Johnny Manziel

Mark Dominik isn't in love with Teddy Bridgewater or with Johnny Manziel as franchise quarterbacks in the 2014 NFL draft.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Mark Dominik's new role as an ESPN analyst is already providing some interesting notes. Yesterday, the former general manager of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers noted on NFL Live that Teddy Bridgewater may not be the franchise quarterback you're looking for, noting his skinny frame as one problem (via Pro Football Talk). He also said that Johnny Manziel will "fall a little more than people think" on NFL Insiders (via Rotoworld).

"There were things you saw on tape when you watched him," Dominik said (via Pro Football Talk). "Something that scouts internally, we talked about it in Tampa with Teddy Bridgewater last year. Is he really the premiere quarterback? I like the young man, I think he's a quality individual, he's got character and leadership and those things. But this is a quarterback, and you're judged by what quarterback you draft, and I think Teddy Bridgewater might not have all the pieces you're looking for."

That's not a new viewpoint: Bridgewater has been widely questioned by NFL teams, if we can believe almost all of the Bridgewater-related reports over the past six months or so. What is new is that this comes directly from the Bucs' front office, as Dominik notes discussions they had when he was still the general manager. Almost all of that front office is still in place, with the exception of Dominik and his right-hand man Dennis Hickey.

On the other hand, the key decision makers are entirely different. Lovie Smith has replaced Greg Schiano, while Jason Licht has replaced Mark Dominik and no one has replaced Dennis Hickey. If Licht and Lovie see Manziel and Bridgewater differently from Dominik, the views of the rest of the front office don't really matter much. We know that the new regime certainly has a very different view of quarterback Mike Glennon, so their views on the draft's quarterbacks could very well be different as well.

Ultimately, this is just another small data point that suggests that NFL teams don't really like Teddy Bridgewater -- at least not as much as the internet draftnik community does.