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Lovie Smith says Mike Glennon can still win the starting job

Mike Glennon can win the starting job. Maybe. But probably not.

Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

Lovie Smith recently appeared on NFL Network to talk with Steve Wyche, and he was once again surprisingly candid. The head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was tight-lipped and hard to read in Chicago, but has been largely open and forthcoming as the Bucs' head coach -- certainly more so than Greg Schiano or Raheem Morris in recent years.

Smith touched on Revis, who was indeed cut because of economics (because what else could it be), and noted that 4-12 isn't good enough. "We have a long ways to go," the head coach said. He was most revealing when talking quarterbacks, though.

"I think as a coach you base your initial starting rotation, as I like to say, based on what you know about the players in general," Lovie Smith said. "And I know a lot about Josh McCown, I've seen him play, I've been in meetings with him, I've talked to him, I know his football knowledge, I know his leadership ability. And everything you're looking for in a quarterback, I think he has, so that was an easy decision to go with him. But as Josh will tell you, it's just a starting rotation."

"That's no knock against Mike Glennon at all. It's about improving and strengthening the quarterback position. That's what we've done. Mike Glennon will be able to learn a lot from a veteran like Josh McCown. So those guys will work well together."

It's hard to take this at face value when the team has brought in a slew of quarterbacks for private visits, signed Josh McCown, and the general manager repeatedly said that they can't pass up a franchise quarterback in the draft, while simultaneously noting that there are franchise passers to be had in this draft. Clearly, Glennon will have to beat out more players than just McCown -- and all of the players he'll have to beat out, will have been hand-picked by the new regime.

Yes, nominally Mike Glennon will get a chance to win the starting job and beat out Josh McCown. Practically speaking, the chance that that really happens seems vanishingly small.