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2014 NFL Draft: Teddy Bridgewater 'shaky' in private workouts

NFL teams continue to dislike Teddy Bridgewater.

Update: Bridgewater's agent has responded to Pro Football Talk with the claim that the Louisville quarterback has only had one private workout, and that the feedback they received in that workout was 'simply amazing and sharp'. It may be that Mortensen's reports conflated private workouts (which occur in his home or college town) and team visits, however.

Teddy Bridgewater is not helping himself. According to ESPN's Chris Mortensen (via Rotoworld), the Louisville quarterback's private workouts with NFL teams have gone "very shakily", and teams continue to see his smallish hands as a negative. Other reports have cited Bridgewater's slim frame as another knock, as well as his good-but-not-great arm strength.

I, of course, have been pimping Teddy Bridgewater relentlessly, because I love his game tape. That doesn't mean I can dismiss these reports, though: there have been very few positive rumblings regarding NFL teams' views of Bridgewater, even before his pro day. It's impossible for me or anyone else on the outside to evaluate the importance of his private workout struggles, or even what those struggles consist of.

A lot of this goes back to how NFL teams view the quarterback position and what they can teach their quarterbacks, too. Quarterbacks in this class are all in the eye of the beholder. A team may look at Logan Thomas and see a raw physical talent they can mold into a dominant NFL player. They may see Bridgewater and see a quarterback they can plug-and-play. Most other prospects fall somewhere on a spectrum between the two.

What kind of player do the Buccaneers prefer? No one knows at this point.