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Daily Bucs Links: Free agency and Tampa Bay

All the Tampa Bay Buccaneers news.

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Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Bucs could scan free agent QB market | Tampa Bay Times
They'll sign a veteran backup.

NFL free agent preview: Top three by position | Tampa Bay Times
Which players will the Bucs target?

You be the Bucs GM: Offensive Line
Needs a lot of work.

Pewter Report 2014 Bucs' Free Agency Preview: TEs-Pewter Report
A new starter wold be nice.

Buccaneers' free agent outlook: Give Lovie Smith, Jason Licht time
Who do they sign?

Measuring beyond girth: How offensive linemen are graded in the NFL | The MMQB with Peter King
Great piece on how grades work.

Not just throwing darts: A behind-the-scenes look at the NFL scouting process, and how players ultimately land on each team's draft board -
Pretty great look at the draft process.

Shaun King's 2014 NFL mock draft - Yahoo Sports
Khalil Mack, again.

Darren Sproles, Pierre Thomas on Saints trade block, per report -
Saints need to get under the cap, quickly.

NFL free agency 2014, NFC roundup: Devin Hester bids farewell to Chicago, Michael Vick likely to do same in Philly -
News roundup.

Broncos release Champ Bailey after 10 seasons in Denver -
Old player declines, is no longer worth money.