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NFL Free Agency: Buccaneers look at Josh McCown, Shaun Hill

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers apparently want either Josh McCown or Shaun Hill to back up Mike Glennon, or whoever else.

Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers really want to add a veteran quarterback to the mix, whether it's just to upgrade the backup quarterback position, or to compete with Mike Glennon and possible draft picks for the starting position. According to Ian Rapoport, the Bucs will look at both Josh McCown and Shaun Hill.

Both quarterbacks are weak-armed, old, but experienced players who should be able to run an offense efficiently. Neither of them will be able to carry an offense, which is why they're available in the first place, but they should be able to step in and keep the offense reasonably on track if disaster were to strike. Disaster like, say, starting quarterbacks going down with injuries. And their backups. And then those backups. And maybe then we start McCown or Hill.

Shaun Hill was most recently with the Detroit Lions, backing up Matthew Stafford for four seasons, starting 10 games in 2010 and putting up some mediocre statistics. McCown, meanwhile, dominated the stat sheet against a weak slate of defenses last year.

Amusingly, it seems the temporary speculation that Michael Vick could be an option seems to have disappeared. As I've noted before, he seems unlikely to be a fit with Jeff Tedford, who has some control freak about him when it comes to quarterback play. That also explains why they want to look at two veterans who can run a system without actually making things happen.