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NFL Mock Draft 2014: Mike Evans for the Buccaneers?

More mock drafts! Mock drafts everywhere!

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will draft Texas A&M wide receiver Mike Evans. That is, if Mocking the Draft's latest mock draft is correct.

Mike Evans is an interesting fit for the Buccaneers. He's a similar player to Vincent Jackson, but big wide receivers are becoming harder and harder to find. Having a pair of players who can win at the catch point would help Mike Glennon quite a bit in year two. After running well in Indianapolis, Evans looks like a top-10 pick.

I really like Mike Evans, honestly -- but I'm not sure this is a great fit. For one, he's nearly a carbon copy of Vincent Jackson. That's very positive, as Jackson's a terrific player. The downside is that drafting Evans would give the Bucs three similar wide receivers: big-bodied downfield threats who excel at making contested catches. Those are great assets to have, but the Bucs lack anything else.

Then again, Evans displayed better-than-expected speed at the scouting combine, so he may be more of an explosive athlete than Jackson. Even if Evans wouldn't fill a need, he may be the best available player, and there's something to be said for drafting said best available player. Besides, this one breaks up the monotony of Khalil-Mack-Greg-Robinson-Sammy-Watkins.