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Brian Orakpo to get franchise tag from Redskins

Brian Orakpo is off the market, leaving few options for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at defensive end.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Redskins will use the franchise tag on linebacker Brian Orakpoaccording to ESPN's Ed Werder, unless they can sign him to a long-term deal. Regardless, the edge rusher appears to be off the market, which leaves the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with frightfully few options after the earlier tagging of Greg Hardy by the Carolina Panthers.

The Buccaneers have made it very clear that they want to upgrade their pass rush and specifically their defensive ends, but the options are shrinking. Michael Johnson is the only high-quality starter left, and yet he's likely to be re-signed by the Cincinnati Bengals. That leaves the Bucs with options like Justin Tuck and Jared Allen: declining, old players who may (at best) have a few years left. A few of those players won't be able to handle an every-down role anymore, either.

And yet, the Bucs have to find a way to add pass rush. It's the key to Lovie Smith's defense, and he has made it very clear that they want to address the issue this offseason. It's just hard to see how, exactly.