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DeSean Jackson released, could Buccaneers be interested?

With DeSean Jackson on the open market, could the Tampa Bay Buccaneers be interested?

Mike Ehrmann

The Philadelphia Eagles have released wide receiver DeSean Jackson, the team has announced. Alleged gang connections, a $10 million salary and an inconsistent work ethic are all reportedly part of why the Eagles decided to part ways with their most productive receiver. The Buccaneers could now decide to go after Jackson.

The connection with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers makes sense on a number of levels. Jackson has the kind of speed the Bucs lack on offense, and would bring an immediate explosive element to the table. Offensive coordinator Jeff Tedford was the receiver's college head coach and would certainly be able to give the team some inside info on the enigmatic wide receiver.

The Bucs don't have a lot of cash to play with, though. They have around $5 million they can realistically spend this offseason, although they can create more room by releasing Connor Barth and/or Michael Koenen. Moreover, and probably more importantly for the Bucs: Jackson's alleged gang ties are part of the reason why he was released by Philadelphia, per The Bucs don't want to be associated with that, but this all depends on how serious those connections are, too.

If it weren't for the alleged gang ties, I would immediately expect the Bucs to go after him. The fact that those ties are serious enough to warrant releasing him is troubling, however, and that may prevent the Bucs from trying to sign the wide receiver.