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Mike Williams enters pre-trial intervention program

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Williams will enter a pre-trial intervention program for his trespassing and criminal mischief charges, per Greg Auman of the Tampa Bay Times. If the Tampa Bay Buccaneers receiver successfully completes the program, the charges will be dropped.

Williams had reportedly damaged someone's door in a December incident, leading to these charges. With a pre-trial intervention program, he should avoid any criminal consequences, as Aqib Talib did with his hitting-a-cabbie-in-the-head incident in 2009. The NFL could still come down on Williams and he will undoubtedly be fined by the Bucs (if he hasn't been already), but a suspension for relatively minor charges is very unlikely.

That should end that part of Mike Williams' off-field troubles. With no other known outstanding charges against the wide receiver, he appears to be entirely in the clear legally. In his one other still-relevant off-field incident, he was the victim of a stabbing where he appears to have done no wrong

Overall, it seems that unless more issues come out, Lovie Smith is likely to take a kind view of Mike Williams' off-field activities -- as long as he refrains from partying a little too much. The Bucs don't like players making headlines for off-field issues, but they certainly don't like saying goodbye to quality starters over minor issues, either.