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Daily Bucs Links: Lovie Smith speaks

All the Tampa Bay Buccaneers news.

Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

Coach Lovie Smith spreads QB love; to see Johnny Manziel Thursday | Tampa Bay Times
They're drafting someone.

Bucs coach Lovie Smith withholding judgment on Mike Williams | Tampa Bay Times
He's not getting cut. For now.

Bucs coach Smith says extending McCoy's contract is a priority | Tampa Bay Times
Sure. They'll have to wait until Suh gets a new contract to set the market.

Bucs notes: NFC South keeps getting tougher

Smith On Goldson's Tackling, Importance Of Nickel CB Spot-Pewter Report
More Lovie Smith.

Smith Intrigued By Demps' Speed, Wants To Extend McCoy's Deal-Pewter Report
And part two.

Smith Addresses Williams' Troubles, Talks About Manziel, Bortles-Pewter Report
And part three.

The NFL wants its players to be more respectful, more efficient -
And wants to kill fun.

Daily Win: NFL rules changes ruining happiness -
No fun league!

NFL news roundup: Browns could draft 2 QBs, Terrence Cody visiting Ravens -
Hah, Cody's a free agent?

SB Nation selects... Howard Cosell drops the mic -
Howard Cosell burns down the draft.