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Mike Williams stabbed: Brother arrested, Buccaneers receiver talks to Lovie Smith

Mike Williams' brother has been arrested for stabbing the wide receiver.

Eric Baylor, the brother suspected of stabbing Mike Williams, has turned himself into police and was charged with aggravated battery domestic violence last night, the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office announced. While Williams claims the stabbing was accidental during a 'wrestling match', it seems the sheriff's office is not buying into his account, in part due to conflicting witness statements.

Domestic violence is a serious business, and this is not a minor incident -- for Williams' brother. The Buccaneers' wide receiver appears to be okay, at least physically, however.

In addition, Mike Williams finally spoke to head coach Lovie Smith last night, per Rick Stroud. We'll see whether that matters. While much of the tone surrounding Williams' arrest suggests his tenure in Tampa is already coming to an end, it's important to keep in mind that he was the victim here, and none of his previous transgressions were particularly serious. While the team could say goodbye to him, saving $600,000, this would only weaken the Bucs.