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Mike Williams stabbing: Lovie Smith, Jason Licht have not talked to Buccaneers receiver

Mike Williams has not talked to his employer yet in the middle of a media storm over his stabbing.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have yet to speak with Mike Williams after his stabbing, yesterday.

"We've reached out to Mike," Licht told Greg Auman of the Tampa Bay Times. "We've yet to hear from him. From what I understand, he was treated and released. That's a good start."

Licht reiterated that he was disappointed the situation occurred, however. "Disappointed, just that we had a player in that situation that could have been seriously injured. Our primary focus is making sure he's OK. We're gathering all the facts. We know about as much as you right now. Before I make any comment, I want to know what the situation was. I don't know any other facts."

The fact that he hasn't talked to the Bucs yet can't sit well with the team, especially so given Mike Williams' account of an accidental stabbing, which was contradicted by witnesses.

In addition, new reports suggest that the Buccaneers could cut Mike Williams without a large cap penalty, contradicting earlier reports of Williams' contract structure. If true, we've likely seen the last of Williams in Tampa.