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DeSean Jackson trade: Buccaneers unlikely to be interested

DeSean Jackson would be a good fit with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but the Bucs don't have the draft picks or cap space to add him to the team.

Mike Ehrmann

I love the NFL offseason. So many weird, impractical stories. The last one: the Philadelphia Eagles may want to get rid of DeSean Jackson, because he doesn't really fit their locker room, according to Bleeding Green Nation has a great breakdown of why it may or may not happen, but we should be clear on one thing: the Bucs won't trade for him.

DeSean Jackson would make sense for the Bucs from an on-field perspective. Offensive coordinator Jeff Tedford coached him in college and has talked about finding ways to get "speed in space". The Bucs need a third receiver to pair with Vincent Jackson and Mike Williams, and Jackson's speed would add a new element to the receiving corps. And then there's the locker room effect, which is doubly important for a new head coach like Lovie Smith. If he doesn't fit the Eagles' culture, why would he fit the Bucs'?

Unfortunately, though, the Bucs don't exactly have the draft picks to trade for Jackson, as they're lacking two of their 2014 draft picks. Nor do they have the cap space to add his $10 million per year contract and still rebuild the roster the way they want to. I'm sure Tedford would love to coach his former pupil again, it's just exceedingly unlikely to happen.

That's really true for any player the Buccaneers could get via trade. They just don't have the ammunition to trade for players and still upgrade their roster as much as they want to -- and they want to fill a lot of needs.