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NFL Trade Rumors: DeSean Jackson on the block

DeSean Jackson is on the trade block, but the Tampa Bay Buccaneers almost certainly won't trade for him.

Al Messerschmidt

The Philadelphia Eagles are listening to trade offers for wide receiver DeSean Jackson, and want at least a third-round pick in return, per CSN Philly. The first thing many people do when they hear this: connect him with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Bucs. His college coach Jeff Tedford is Tampa Bay's offensive coordinator, after all, and they do need some help at the position.

Unfortunately for those speculating, this is almost certainly not happening. DeSean Jackson is too expensive, and the Bucs are not in a position to start giving up draft picks, either.

The Bucs just spent the entire offseason cutting highly-priced players like Darrelle Revis, and trying to add more draft picks in trades (though none of those materialized). Adding Jackson would cost the Bucs $10.5 million on the salary cap, and $9.75 million under his current contract each of the next two years. That would likely force them to cut Vincent Jackson, and then they'd have to give up a draft pick for him, too -- in a draft filled with quality wide receiver prospects.

As fun as it is to connect the dots between Jeff Tedford and DeSean Jackson, this is exceedingly unlikely to happen.