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Erik Lorig signs with Saints

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have lost another one of their free agents, as fullback Erik Lorig has signed with the New Orleans Saints.

Otto Greule Jr

Losing free agents has been an uncommon sight for the Bucs this offseason, but they're lost their third former player of the year. After seeing Dekoda Watson sign with the Jacksonville Jaguars and Adam Hawyard with the Washington Redskins, fullback Erik Lorig has now signed with the New Orleans Saints.

Earlier reports suggested that the Bucs wanted to re-sign their fullback, who had been with the team since entering the league as a seventh-round draft pick in 2010. Lorig was originally a defensive end, but converted to fullback and has done a solid but not spectacular job at that position.

Lorig is physically a very good blocker, but he has a tendency to block the 'wrong' defender, especially defenses employed a lot of movement. And while Lorig is a solid blocker, he doesn't offer much beyond that: he's not a threat as a pass-catcher, and has never been asked to run the ball. Whether the Saints find more uses for him remains to be seen.

As for the Bucs, at this point we don't even know whether a fullback will be part of the team's plans. They do have versatile fullback/running back Lonnie Pryor on the roster, but they may opt for a tight end-dominated running game, as most NFL teams do. Regardless, finding decent fullbacks is hardly a difficult task.