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Emmanuel Sanders to sign with Denver Broncos

Emmanuel Sanders comes off free agency boards, as he heads to the Denver Broncos.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers just lost another free agent target, a seemingly rare occurrence this offseason. Emmanuel Sanders is headed to the Denver Broncos, as first reported by Adam Schefter and confirmed by Alex Marvez.

The Bucs had Sanders in for a visit at the start of free agency, but couldn't come to an agreement with the slot receiver. Sanders held extra value as a punt returner, but visited a slew of teams before apparently finding a team willing to meet his demands. The terms of his contract haven't been disclosed yet, however.

The Bucs have other options at receiver, however. They mostly need a complementary option, preferably one capable of playing the slot and being an underneath receiver. We listed the available players elsewhere, but the highlights include James Jones, Lance Moore, Santonio Holmes and Jason Avant.

While the Bucs will probably sign a receiver for depth purposes, the biggest source of help is likely to be the draft. The 2014 NFL draft is filled with quality receivers, and very good players should be available at the Bucs' first three picks. If Sammy Watkins were to fall to the seventh overall pick, he'd almost certainly get snapped up by the Buccaneers.