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2014 NFL Draft rumors: Buccaneers interested in QB Brett Smith?

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers may be interested in Brett Smith, a pocket passer from Wyoming who should be available later in the draft.

Eric Francis

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are probably going to draft a quarterback this year. They've praised Mike Glennon, but they anointed Josh McCown the starter as soon as he was signed -- although they did leave open the door for Glennon to out-compete McCown. More interestingly, Jason Licht continued to emphasize that they could certainly draft a quarterback, even going so far as to say that there are franchise quarterbacks available in this draft.

One of the quarterbacks the Bucs may be interested in is Brett Smith.

As opposed to unserious, illegitimate interest, I guess? And of course, there's always the caveat about draft smokescreens. But with Smith and Jimmy Garoppolo, who they've met with at least twice, we can at least say something about the kinds of players the Buccaneers seem to want at quarterback: pocket passers with a quick release, and a solid arm. Incidentally, that description also fits Blake Bortles and Derek Carr, but not Teddy Bridgewater (weaker arm) and Johnny Manziel (lots of plays outside structure) less so.

Brett Smith's an intriguing guy, though.As mentioned, he has a decent arm and a quick release with good mechanics and footwork. He put up solid but not dominant statistics at Wyoming, but then college statistics really don't mean much. He's not terrific against pressure, perhaps a bit similar to Derek Carr, but I don't think this is a fatal flaw with him.

I don't see him drop his eyes and look at the rush the way I do see Garoppolo do that., I'm just not a fan of the way he seems to fade away from a few throws -- but a lot of quarterbacks do that. He does show the ability to avoid the rush, keep his eyes down the field and still find an open receiver, which is crucial in the NFL.

Overall, he looks like a solid, talented player to me. I don't see anything special out of him, but I can see why the Bucs may like him, and why Tedford may think he'd be a good fit for his offense.

Video via Draft Breakdown.