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Lovie Smith declares Josh McCown 'his' quarterback

It appears that Mike Glennon might already be done as the Bucs' starting quarterback.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

So, here's a little tidbit from the Tampa Bay Times' Greg Auman, presumably after today's press conference proper had finished:

Smith had already made it pretty clear that he doesn't feel confident (at least at this point in time) moving forward with Mike Glennon. That comment from Lovie, though, has made it all-but-certain that there'll be someone else under center come opening day.

More intriguingly, perhaps sending something of mixed messages, Auman later tweeted out this nugget:

So, despite calling Josh McCown 'his' quarterback, he's not ruling out drafting a quarterback. That could mean one of two things:

1) McCown is now the Bucs' starting QB, but the team will potentially draft another quarterback, presumably as a developmental project


I'm opting for number two - call me a fantasist, but if the team really wants to fill all its holes in free agency, then there's nothing stopping the Bucs trying to trade up to grab Teddy Bridgewater - but which ever option is the case, it pretty much spells disaster for Mike Glennon. So there you have it; it appears that the Era Of The Giraffe is over.

UPDATE: Well, it's now unequivocal:

Rick Stroud, also from the Tampa Bay Times, has a choice quote from Smith on the matter:

Stroud went on to clarify that McCown doesn't preclude from the Bucs drafting a QB at no. 7 over all. He also relates a story that Smith tried to first sign McCown to the Bears in 2010, but he refused as he had already committed to the UFL's Hartford Colonials. Apparently, McCown's refusal to break his promise to the Colonials impressed Smith deeply.