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2014 NFL Free Agency: Bucs bring in Charles Tillman for a visit

Adam Schefter reporting that the All-Pro cornerback will be visiting One Buc Place.


As we wrote earlier today, the least surprising news of free agency was that the Bucs had 'interest' in Charles Tillman, which the Chicago Tribune reported quoting 'league sources'.

Well, according to another 'league source' (or maybe the same one, who's to tell?), ESPN's Adam Schefter is reportingthat this interest has now proceeded sufficiently to the point where the man affectionately known as 'Peanut' is on his way to Tampa as we speak.

Schefter goes as far as to suggest that Tillman is Revis's replacement, which, as we already discussed in that earlier article, is stating things a tad strongly; but he will definitely provide an upgrade to the current Buccaneer cornerback corps (assuming, of course, that Revis won't have a change of heart as 4pm approaches tomorrow and accepts a contract restructure). After all, there's only so much that re-signing Deveron Carr or extending Danny Gorrer will bring to the table.

As importantly as the on-field skills that Tillman would bring (especially his knack of forcing fumbles) are the locker-room benefits he brings, not only as a veteran corner to lend his experience to what would be a very young cornerback room once Revis is gone, but by bringing over some of that Lovie Culture from the Bears. Like Schiano with his glut of Rutgers alums, there is a clear premium placed on new coaches in bringing guys who can help establish the culture they want in the locker room. It's something Tillman will undoubtedly bring with him, making this signing almost too sensible not to happen.