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2014 NFL Free Agency: Bucs lose out to Titans on Dexter McCluster

Despite making a play for the former Chiefs returner/receiver/running back, the Bucs lose out to the Tennessee Titans for Dexter McCluster's services.

Andy Lyons

With Jeff Tedford talking about speed in space, and Lovie Smith talking about the importance of having a great returner, it appeared that Dexter McCluster would be a perfect fit for the Bucs' new regime. Well, that's no longer a possibility:

Schefter went on to report that McCluster's contract is for $12 million, with $4.5 million guaranteed.

Now that McCluster's off the board, all eyes will no doubt turn towards Devin Hester, who the Bucs have also been reported to have interest in. Unlike McCluster, Hester won't bring much of anything to the offense, but he's still the greatest returner of all time, so the Bucs' interest in him bears monitoring.

Pun intended.