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NFL Mock Draft 2014: Sammy Watkins and Derek Carr for the Bucs

The latest mock draft has the Tampa Bay Buccaneers going all-offense.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Spor

In their latest mock draft, Matthew Fairburn and Dan Kadar went through three rounds of draft picks. The result for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was Sammy Watkins and Derek Carr, with the Bucs still lacking a third-round pick. Offense is the focus of this draft, it seems, which makes sense given the team's abysmal offensive performance last season.

A lot of the team's needs will be filled in free agency, with the Bucs having been linked with quarterbacks, offensive tackles and defensive ends over the past few days. That will help the Bucs pick the best available player at each of their picks, and there's little doubt Watkins represents exactly that. He's an explosive and hugely talented receiver, arguably the best receiver to come out since Julio Jones and A.J. Green. The Bucs have almost no depth at receiver, and even Mike Williams is a bit of a question mark, so he certainly fits the team's needs as well.

The second-round pick of Derek Carr is more questionable. I remain unconvinced that Carr represents an upgrade over Mike Glennon, but the Bucs have made it clear that they'll almost certainly draft a quarterback at some point. They want four quarterbacks in training camp, which means a draft pick or undrafted free agent will compete with Mike Glennon, Mike Kafka and whoever they sign in free agency.

Carr does have a few advantages over Mike Glennon. His familiarity with Jeff Tedford's offense should help him, and he has a stronger arm than Glennon as well. Question marks related to his ability to read defenses (coming from a simplified spread offense) and his reaction to pressure remain significant, however, but there are certainly tools to work with. The question is whether Tedford can mold those tools into a quality starter -- and a better one than Glennon.