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Buccaneers part ways with Todd Toriscelli

The Buccaneers have parted ways with director of sports medicine Todd Toriscelli, who had been with the club for 17 years.


Here's a shocker: the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have parted ways with Todd Toriscelli, who was hired as the Tennessee Titans' director of sports medicine, according to Jim Wyatt of The Tennessean. The Buccaneers never announced the circumstances of Toriscelli's departure, so it's not clear whether he chose to leave, whether he was fired or whether his contract was simply allowed to expire.

Toriscelli had been the Buccaneers' director of sports medicine for four years, as was the team's head athletic trainer for 13 years before that. Toriscelli was very well-respected in the locker room and across the league, so much so that Ronde Barber paid tribute to him in his retirement address.

Toriscelli may have been let go due to the MRSA-infections at One Buccaneer Place this past season, although potentially punishing a quality trainer for one incident over a 17-year career seems unlikely. Toriscelli had been with the Bucs since the Tony Dungy days, so he should be familiar to Lovie Smith as well.

The Bucs might be looking to hire Penn State head football athletic trainer Tim Bream instead, who was the Chicago Bears' head athletic trainer under Lovie Smith, but moved to Penn State in 2013.

Update: The Buccaneers have hired Bobby Slater to replace Todd Toriscelli.