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NFL gives us more Phil Simms, pisses everyone off

Oh hurray, more Phil Simms and Jim Nantz. That's just what we needed.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL continues to expand its broadcast package, raking in more and more cash every year. They've reached an agreement with CBS that will see the eight early-season games televised on CBS and simulcast on NFL Network, while NFL Network will get six late-season Thursday night games and, new this year, two Saturday night games late in the season.

Unfortunately, the agreement will see CBS producing each and every one of those games. That includes supplying the broadcast team. More Phil Simms and Jim Nantz for everyone, and no more Mike Mayock on Thursday night games. I get why some people don't like Mike Mayock: he uses a lot of jargon, and is not easy to follow if you don't already know a lot about football. But Phil Simms? His vapid (and often simply incorrect) analysis adds nothing to any broadcast. His presence is more aggravating than anything.

So yay, that means I'll be listening to music on Thursday nights instead of the broadcast commentary. The Sword, High on Fire, Sting, The Ocean, Anouk, Big Business, Clutch, Cynic -- whatever it takes, as long as it's not Phil Simms.

Ah well. At least we'll have some Saturday football at the end of the season.