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NFL Power Rankings: Buccaneers ranked 19th after Super Bowl

The Bucs are ranked 19th after the Super Bowl. Seems reasonable.

Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Spor

Power rankings are somehow still a thing, with Ryan Van Bibber doing the latest one over at

I'm sure Lovie Smith will be very successful with the Bucs. However, everyone knows that there's a period of unrest after toppling a tyrant like Greg Schiano. Adjusting the thermostats, going barefoot in the showers again, no longer having Schiano haunt their dreams like an angrier Freddy Krueger... players are going to need some time to get used to the changes.

How often are we going to see these damn Greg Schiano jokes? They were funny for a little bit about six months ago, but wow are they ever overdone now. He's history. Lovie Smith's the new coach in town. I don't want to spend time re-hashing what was the embarrassment of last season.

Meanwhile, I'm not sure how this whole rankings thing works. The Houston Texans are better? The New York Jets?? The Detroit Lions??? The Cincinnati Bengals????

I'm going to keep repeating this for the rest of the offseason: this Tampa Bay Buccaneers team has talent. It has a lot of talent. It has a few crucial question marks, but those shouldn't be too hard to address this offseason. Except for quarterback, but the opinions on Mike Glennon appear to be split. At worst he'll be a mediocre game manager, which is at least what the Houston Texans and Cincinnati Bengals have right now.

But hey, how angry can you get about being ranked 19th when you're picking 7th in the draft?