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Buccaneers refresh logo, ship


In addition to refreshing their helmet, their logo and their uniforms, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers also tweaked their ship-logo. We took a screenshot of NFL Network showing the ship and the new logo so we could show it to you.

The Buccaneers also put up a pretty cool set of photos of the helmet on their website, so you should definitely check that out. There's a bunch of cool pictures in there, though none of the ship, somehow.

Then, let us know what you think of the new logo, ship, and helmet in our poll. Do you love it or hate it? What would you do differently if you ran the Bucs?

It's a new look, and a refreshing look, but it's still easily recognizable as the Buccaneers. No real hints of the old creamsicle orange, though, and it's not clear whether the Buccaneers will keep those old throwback games alive after cancelling one due to helmet issues last year.