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Lovie Smith will not put up with Mike Williams' off-field issues

Mike Williams hasn't done much, but Lovie Smith is already fed up.

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Lovie Smith will not put up with nonsense, or so he told the media at the NFL Combine when asked about Mike Williams' recent off-field incidents.

It's not exactly clear what this means in terms of discipline for Mike Williams, or for his future with the team. Keep in mind that we're talking about two very minor misdemeanor charges, not grand theft auto.

With Williams' 2014 and 2015 salaries fully guaranteed, he won't be cut any time soon -- unless the Bucs find a way to void his contract based on two misdemeanor charges. That seems unlikely, but it's not entirely impossible. Even if they do that, though, they'll have to be prepared for a series of grievances, lawsuits and some ugly public battles. Two misdemeanor charges probably aren't worth that kind of mess.

Instead, you'll likely see some internal discipline applied, and Lovie Smith does not have a history of making that discipline public. If the incidents are really serious, you might even see a suspension. For now, though, Williams is simply facing two misdemeanor charges, and little more.