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NFL Mock Draft 2014: Mike Evans to the Buccaneers?

A Vincent Jackson clone could be coming to Tampa, if this latest mock draft is correct.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

We have a new mock draft pick for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers! For the first time ever (I think), Mocking the Draft is projecting the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to grab Texas A&M receiver Mike Evans. Check out their latest 2014 NFL mock draft here.

In this mock draft, the choice was down to Evans or an offensive tackle because Clowney and Ealy are off the board. Evans is often compared to current Buccaneers receiver Vincent Jackson, but that's largely due to size and on-field speed. Despite entering his 10th season, Jackson is still a viable No. 1 option. But look for Evans to be one of the stars of the combine and rise into the top 10 picks. Evans would be the future No. 1 for the Bucs and a better option than Mike Williams straight away.

I like Mike Evans, but I also think he's essentially a Vincent Jackson clone: a downfield threat with a wide catching radius who wins due to his stride length rather than his speed. I'm not sure whether a Vincent Jackson clone would be the most useful addition to the team, and I'd probably choose to upgrade either side of the line, with Greg Robinson and Khalil Mack both being intriguing options.

Drafting Evans would give the Bucs three receivers who excel at catching contested passes down the field, but who lack truly explosive athleticism. Still, there's little doubt that Evans would make the Bucs a better team. He was a huge factor in Johnny Manziel's success in college, bailing him out with some great catches over the past two years.

Video via Draft Breakdown.