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Bill Belichick really wants someone to hire Greg Schiano

Bill Belichick wanted the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to hire Greg Schiano. Then he wanted the Cleveland Browns to hire Schiano. When are teams going to stop listening to him?

Douglas Jones-US PRESSWIRE

Today in "Why you never listen to Bill Belichick: Part 212, Greg Schiano."

The Cleveland Browns are a mess, but not even the Browns are messy enough to hire Greg Schiano as an NFL Head Coach. Or as an anything coach, no matter how many times Bill Belichick kept calling him to please keep his buddy off the street.

The Browns told Whisenhunt that they didn't hire him because his staff sucked the year before. While they were trying to convince him to come to Cleveland. The Browns fired their general manager and CEO a week after hiring their fifth choice or so at head coach. And yet, somehow, not even they were convinced that Greg Schiano should be a head coach.

All of that comes from a pretty insightful The MMQB piece by notorious Schiano-lover Peter King. It's fun if you want to read about a team that's run worse than the Bucs. But it also gives us some more insight on why the Glazers hired Greg Schiano in the first place: Bill Belichick. It's always Bill Belichick.

Belichick loves Schiano so much, he actually called the Browns twice to try to get him hired, and apparently had Urban Meyer join in on the fun, too. Of course, I can't actually remember the last time a Belichick-endorsed candidate succeeded anywhere, but I can remember tons of hilarious failures, like Josh McDaniels and Scott Pioli. Oh the fun we had.

So hey, here's a hint: let's all just stop listening to Bill Belichick when it comes to his hiring recommendations. Maybe he's actively trying to sabotage every other NFL team. Maybe he just doesn't realize that you can't run a franchise like the Patriots unless you have the credibility as a coach with NFL players to impose that discipline. I don't know what he's doing wrong, I just know that the evidence shows pretty clearly it's not working outside of Foxboro.

At least the Bucs didn't listen to Belichick in hiring Lovie Smith. I hope.