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Brandon Weeden seeking trade, Buccaneers named as option

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers could trade for Brandon Weeden, says Michael Silver. Hell no, says I.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

According to NFL Network's Michael Silver, quarterback Brandon Weeden would like to be traded away from the Cleveland Browns. Apparently he's "interested in a fresh start, with a clean slate". And Silver then named the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as a potential landing spot.


Where do I start? How about the fact that Brandon Weeden has been one of the worst quarterbacks in the NFL through two seasons, despite getting the opportunity to throw to a pretty talented group of players, including the ridiculously productive Josh Gordon, while being protected by a very good offensive line.

Then there's the fact that he was easily outperformed by both Brian Hoyer and Jason Campbell last year by every possible statistical measure. But hey, that's no surprise: nearly every NFL quarterback outperformed him. And the guy doesn't even have the "I'm just a young quarterback" excuse: he'll turn 31 this year.

Oh, and then we haven't even touched the fact that the Bucs lack the draft ammunition to trade for Weeden, that they could simply sign a free agent QB instead, or maybe draft one. There are probably half a dozen QBs in this draft who could outperform Weeden. In fact, of all the possible ways in which the Bucs could add competition for Mike Glennon, trading for Brandon Weeden is probably the single worst one. Hell, I'd almost rather see them sign Blaine Gabbert after he's inevitably cut by the Jaguars.

This is just not going to happen. But it was funny for a few seconds.