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Buccaneers fans pick Marcus Mariota over Jameis Winston

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers need a new quarterback, and Bucs fans seem to know who they want.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

If it were up to Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans, Marcus Mariota would be the Bucs' starting quarterback next season. In yesterday's poll on Mariota and Jameis Winston, the Oregon quarterback came out ahead 78% vs. 22%. With nearly 2,750 votes, that's not a small sample of fans either.

That outcome kind of surprised me. While Mariota's been the consensus top quarterback for a while now, I've seen a lot of love for Winston among Bucs fans -- understandable, given that he plays for Florida State and has been a visible and very successful player. But apparently, Bucs fans like Marcus Mariota a lot more -- at least the ones voting on that article.

Of course, the question is whether the front office and coaching staff will agree -- and whether the Bucs will even be in position to get Mariota, or Winston for that matter. But at least it's clear who the fans prefer.