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Power Rankings: Looking at the top draft contenders

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

The latest power rankings are out, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers rank 27th according to Danny Kelly, despite holding the first overall pick and being pretty useless overall.

But that's boring. Let's talk about each of the 2-11 team's remaining schedules and their opponents' power rankings, going by Danny Kelly's rankings. That's more interesting!

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

at Carolina Panthers (23), Green Bay Packers (1), New Orleans Saints (24)

That's...a weird schedule. The Bucs have two fairly easy opponents, though both have played better recently than they did at the start of the season. And then they have the toughest opponent in the NFL. There's a good chance the Bucs manage to walk out of this with a win, somewhere, as they've been competitive throughout the second half of the season

Tennessee Titans

New Jork Jets (31), at Jacksonville Jaguars (29), Indianapolis Colts (6)

This is like the Bucs' schedule, only worse. It'd be surprising if the Titans don't at least manage to get one win out of this, and the good news is that two of these three opponents are also 2-11. Which means we'll see some of these teams fall out of the race for the first overall pick.

Jacksonville Jaguars

at Batlimore Ravens (10), Tennessee Titans (32), at Houston Texans (16)

Well, they play the Titans. So there's that. They just lost to the Texans by two touchdowns so I'm not entirely sure how they're going to beat them in week 17, but it's not impossible. Beating the Ravens may actually be impossible, though.

New York Jets

at Tennessee Titans (32), New England Patriots (2), at Miami Dolphins (15)

If it weren't for this week's matchup with the Titans, the Jets may go winless the rest of the way. They still may, given the fact that Geno Smith and Michael Vick have been so ridiculously bad recently. If they don't beat the Titans on Sunday, there's a good chance they stay at 2-11

Oakland Raiders

at Kansas City Chiefs (14), Buffalo Bills (18), at Denver Broncos (4)

Good thing they beat the San Francisco 49ers this week, because I don't know how they'd win any of these games. Yeesh.