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Buccaneers vs. Lions Half Time Update: Detroit up 17-10 over Tampa Bay

Thanks to two dumb, fluky turnovers, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are down 17-10 to the Detroit Lions.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

After a first quarter during which the Bucs' defense seemed to be allowing the Lions to complete underneath passes at will, Tampa Bay actually tightened up, forcing a punt for the first time in the game. At 7-3, that was pretty necessary but didn't matter much: two turnovers gave the Lions easy field position.

On one turnover, Mike Evans got his arm held down for the second time, causing him to tip the ball instead of catching it -- and it ended up right in the hands of Glover Quin. That gave the Lions a red zone possession, which they managed to turn into a 14-3 lead in part thanks to a bunch of missed tackles on two possible third-down stops.

On the second turnover, Evan Dietrich-Smith decided that Garrett Gilkey gave him something to emulate, as he decided to roll the ball over the ground instead of snapping it into Josh McCown's hands. Ironically, neither turnover was McCown's fault. But that doesn't matter: it led to 10 easy points for the Lions, and a 17-3 lead.

Somehow, magically, the Bucs actually came back from that disaster with a terrific improvisational play to Vincent Jackson. The 50-yard catch was vintage Vincent Jackson, and the Bucs got a little help from a vintage Ndamukong Suh personal foul on Josh McCown. And while McCown tossed the ball away on the very next play, Luke Stocker stripped that ball and the Bucs recovered again.

The Bucs still nearly threw that opportunity away, but a Lions penalty on third down gave them a sixth chance or so and McCown finally decided to just throw the ball to Mike Evans, who caught an easy touchdown to make it 17-10.