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Randy Gregory enters the 2015 NFL draft

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Nebraska defensive end Randy Gregory has entered the draft, the defensive end announced today (h/t Gregory is widely seen as the top edge rusher in the draft, and generally ranked only behind USC's Leonard Williams by most

If the Buccaneers decide to pass on Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston, Gregory is their most likely choice. The 6'6", 248 lbs. defensive end is exactly the type of edge rusher that Lovie Smith loves: fast, long and disruptive. Gregory isn't quite the run-stopper that USC's Williams is, but that's not really what the Bucs want in their defensive ends.

While Williams is often seen as the better player, he'd be a defensive tackle in Smith's scheme and his primary strength lies against the run -- that's not really what the Bucs are looking for.

At this point it doesn't seem particularly likely that the Bucs would pass on taking a quarterback at the top of the draft. But if they do, Gregory is likely to be the choice.