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Buccaneers 2015 NFL opponents feature only three playoff teams

Now that the season is over, we know the Buccaneers' 2015 opponents.

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers finished their season today, which means we now know all of their opponents. Each NFL team's opponents every year are based on a rotation of various divisions, with only two opponents each year determined by the team's division standings. Still, now that we know the division standings we can fill in the final two blanks of the Bucs' 2015 schedule.

So, via FB Schedules, here are the Bucs' 2015 opponents.

Buccaneers 2015 opponents
Home Away
DAL Dallas Cowboys PHI @ Philadelphia Eagles
NYG New York Giants WAS @ Washington
JAC Jacksonville Jaguars HOU @ Houston Texans
TEN Tennesee Titans IND @ Indianapolis Colts
ATL Atlanta Falcons ATL @ Atlanta Falcons
CAR Carolina Panthers CAR Carolina Panthers
NO New Orleans Saints NO New Orleans Saints
CHI Chicago Bears STL St. Louis Rams

The schedule only features three playoff teams, surprisingly: the Indianapolis Colts, the Dallas Cowboys and the Carolina Panthers, who the Bucs face twice. That's a pretty easy schedule, at first glance -- although things can change quickly in the NFL and you never know how good any team is going to be.

We won't know the actual schedule (when they play each team) until a few months into next year, after the NFL announces all the details on some big, over-produced show. But we know who the Bucs will play.