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Could the Bucs go Winless at Home?

Home field disadvantage.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

A funny thing happened over the holiday weekend. I got a call from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers - they were having a big black friday blowout on their remaining games for the season. While it definitely occurred to me that it's a bit unfair to the season ticket holders I also wondered why anyone would want to go if they didn't already have tickets?

We're at that point, folks. The days where you put two tickets on your windshield to give them away and return to find four are back.

It's because this Tampa Bay Buccaneers football team is threatening to do something that hasn't happened in Tampa Bay since their expansion season in 1976 -The Bucs may go winless at home.

Per Ira Kaufman, Tampa Bay has already achieved some history, becoming the first Bucs team to start the home schedule 0-6 since 1983.

Think about that for a second, folks. Leeman Bennett's pair of 2-14 squads, Richard Williamson's 3-13 team, the 4-11 Perkins team, Rah's 3-13 and 4-12 teams, Schiano's MRSA field drama squad that started 0-8 and went 4-12 - none of them achieved what Lovie's team managed to accomplish on Sunday.

That's some next level suck right there.

Tampa Bay is currently on a seven game home losing streak. If they seal the deal and lose out at home, it hits nine. It's 5 more to matching the longest home game losing streak in NFL history. Still think that Buffalo home win was meaningless last year?

Tampa Bay has now lost 11 of their last 14 home games.

The Bucs will get two more shots at ending the streak with games against Green Bay and New Orleans the last two weeks of the season.

How's your confidence level going into those two ballgames?

Well, I'm glad Lovie put an emphasis on protecting Ray Jay this year. I just had no idea it was from victories. Mission accomplished?