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Buccaneers forgot to tell Anthony Collins they were benching him

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers benched left tackle Anthony Collins yesterday, after a season's worth of terrible play. The free agent was brought in to help re-build the offensive line, but instead  he's turned into a weak spot on the worst line in the NFL.

Lovie Smith called deactivating Anthony Collins a "coach's decision", but apparently he forgot to tell Anthony Collins.


Apparently Collins thinks he was deactivated because of a minor elbow injury that didn't even limit him in a single practice this week.

Collins is almost certainly done in Tampa at this point. Demar Dotson seems to be moving to left tackle permanently, and the Bucs will probably cut Collins this offseason to save $3 million they can spend on a tackle who is a capable starter. Or at least not a disastrous one.

But, y'know, telling your players they've been benched is still common courtesy. Maybe do that next time, Bucs.