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Gerald McCoy injury is a hyperextended knee

Gerald McCoy's injury doesn't appear to be a serious long-term issue, but it's still likely to keep him out for a while.

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are likely to finish the season without Gerald McCoy. The star defensive tackle was forced to leave today's game with a knee injury, and was seen walking around with a brace during the second half. After the game, Lovie Smith announced he suffered a hyperextended knee -- not a serious injury for the long term, but one that usually costs player a couple of weeks of play. With just two games left in the season and the playoffs firmly out of reach, the Bucs would do well to shut down their best player.

McCoy suffered a minor knee injury last week, too, which caused him to miss one drive. Pro Football Talk reported that he suffered a dislocated knee cap, but Lovie Smith said that it was just a knee bruise, and McCoy practiced this week. While this week's injury was to the same knee, Smith said it's unrelated to last week's knee bruise.

Gerald McCoy was having a great season, with 8.5 sacks and consistent pressure despite being limited by a broken hand early in the year. Having signed a massive contract extension last month, the Bucs desperately need him to be healthy to anchor their defense going forward -- and by 'forward', I mean next season.