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Buccaneers vs. Panthers: Three key matchups on defense

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

DE Jacquies Smith vs RT Mike Remmers

You might know the name of Mike Remmers. He spent part of 2012 and 2013 on the Buccaneers' practice squad and offseason rosters, doing nothing beyond that. He's now with the Panthers. And he's starting. Good fun!

Remmers is, well, not good. Which should surprise no one, but he's not even that much worse than Nate Chandler, who started in week one against Tampa. The Bucs couldn't get any pressure on Derek Anderson in their first matchup, but they have one big advantage this week: they have Jacquies Smith now, who wasn't with the team in week one, and the Panthers are starting Mike Remmers instead of Nate Chandler.

And Smith is almost custom-made to beat Remmers: he's fast and attacks the outside shoulder of offensive tackles consistently, while Remmers is really only good in power situations where he doesn't need to adjust and move around a lot. With Derek Anderson not being very mobile, Smith could have a field day tomorrow.

S Bradley McDougald vs WR Kelvin Benjamin

The Buccaneers did a reasonably good job of shutting down Calvin Johnson down the field last week, with the exception of one play where McDougald appeared to be out of position on what looked like a disguised Tampa 2 coverage. They shut down Johnson mostly by having a safety over the top at all times, and that's probably what they're going to do against Benjamin, too.

Benjamin, like Johnson, dominates because of his size and his speed -- though he's clearly much less consistent than Megatron. Where Johnson consistently beat the Bucs' underneath coverage with slants, Benjamin probably won't be able to do that. And if McDougald has a good day, they should have no real problems stopping the rookie from having a big day.

LB Mason Foster vs TE Greg Olsen

The biggest problem for the Bucs in week one wasn't really Kelvin Benjamin, though. It was Greg Olsen, who consistently beat the team's coverage down the middele of the field, and ended the day with eight catches for 83 yards and a touchdown. The biggest problem: Mason Foster, who was uncomfortable in his role in the new scheme.

Foster returns this week after two games of injury-forced absence, and he'll have to be a lot better than he was in week one to stop Greg Olsen. He has to turn and run with the tight end, rather than softly backpedaling and stopping well in front of where Olsen actually he is. He needs to have a good feel for the holes and not be pulled out of position by Derek Anderson. And he'll need to do all that after sitting on the sidelines for two games.