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Fantasy football season over? Play FanDuel's weekly Bucs Nation league with a 100% deposit bonus

Click here to use FanDuel promo code SBNATION32, get 100% deposit bonus

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Our weekly FanDuel league is back!

Click here to join the Bucs Nation Fanduel league this week.

Anyone can join, and if this is your first signing up you can get a 100% deposit bonus by using the promo code SBNATION32. The league has a $5 entry fee and there's $200 to be won.

The Bucs are playing the Panthers this week, and with Derek Anderson starting you may actually want to look at the Tampa Bay defense. It's been pretty good recently. Of course, starting the Carolina defense may be even smarter.

As for the offense.....ehhhhhhhhh. I'd probably stay away from, well, everyone. The offense is too horrible for anyone to be reliable but if you have to go with someone, make it Mike Evans. The rookie has been consistent, especially in scoring touchdowns, and he seems to have one or two big catches every game. Even with Josh McCown throwing to him.

Again, you can find our league here. Enjoy, and gamble responsibly!