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Lovie Smith: Josh McCown gives Buccaneers "best chance to win"

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are sticking with Josh McCown as their starter Lovie Smith said today. "Josh as our quarterback gives us the best chance to win", the Bucs head coach said. A slightly comical statement, given the fact that the Bucs have managed to score more than 20 points once with Josh McCown at the helm.

That announcement doesn't bode well for Mike Glennon's future with the team. Josh McCown is one of the very worst NFL starters out there. He's not helped by a horrible offensive line, but he's not helping them out, either. The Bucs have to find a better quarterback next year. And if they don't think Glennon's better than McCown now, there's no way they think he'll be a capable starter in the future, either. No matter how many times Lovie Smith says he's their "quarterback of the future".

For those conspiracy theorists who prefer to think the Bucs are doing this so they'll lose more games: nope. Lovie Smith doesn't want to lose games. Nor does anyone else on that team. Coaches are going to be fired after the season because of horrible performances on offense, and if they thought that Mike Glennon could make them look better, they'd start him. They simply don't.

Realistically, the Bucs are a bad team and are going to remain a bad team, whether they start McCown or Glennon at quarterback.